Napoli is a city where practically everyone cultivates and hands down the art of coffee.  In fact Neapolitans for centuries roasted their own coffee, either at home or from a vendor cart. When it came time for us to select an espresso roaster, we decided to eschew popular northern Italian brands and instead we selected a southern Italian roaster, Kimbo. Southern Italian roasts are darker, and more full full-bodied with a heavier mouth-feel than northern Italian roasts which tend to be a bit lighter, more watery, with a more delicate taste.  That's probably why when ordering an espresso in a coffee bar in Napoli they will usually include a twist of lemon peel alongside, a popular citrus fruit in southern Italy. At L'Arte we proudly serve Kimbo Espresso, roasted in Italy, in the Neapolitan tradition.

We get lots of inquires regarding our Italian espresso machine. At L’Arte we use a traditional La Pavoni Lever Espresso Machine. Since 1905 La Pavoni Spa has been manufacturing machines for espresso coffee. Its innovative designs are credited with spreading the fashion of drinking Italian style "espresso" coffee’s, first in Europe, and then around the world. Uniquely, and from the outset, La Pavoni availed itself of world class modernist designers. The lever model in our shop is their signature machine, one of only a handful in this region, and you can see an original modernist La Pavoni lever model on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York!

At L'Arte, we believe that our lever machine allows us to give you the best tasting, most unique and authentic espresso experience because it allows us to control every part of the brewing process. Our baristas grind the beans, tamp them, operate the lever, pull the shot, etc. At L'Arte we have complete control over the brewing process verses using factory settings found in mechanized "push the button" machines so common today.  Besides...we think the lever machine is cool...and sometimes, that is reason enough!


SINGLE $2.25

DOUBLE $2.75

TRIPLE $3.25


served in a 11 oz ceramic mug for dining in

SINGLE 12oz $3.50

DOUBLE 16oz $4.00

add a shot $0.75

flavors available: vanilla, mocha, spiced mocha, nutella, salted caramel

seasonal flavors: lavender, pumpkin, peppermint

***all flavors are created in-house and on the premises***


SINGLE $3.00

DOUBLE $3.75

add a shot $0.75