Welcome to L’Arte della Pasticceria, a contemporary Italian pastry shop and café. We serve a wide range of Italian pastries and desserts, using only the freshest and best ingredients available. All of our pastries and desserts are hand crafted, on premises, from scratch, daily. Our goal is simple: to provide you, our neighbors and friends, with a place to enjoy awesome, modern (as well as traditional) Italian dessert specialties, whether for special occasions, or just a small treat to reward yourself.

Our menu is seasonal and always evolving! Each time you come to L’Arte, you’re likely to find something new. So whether you come for breakfast pastries, lunch, or just to sit and relax with a cup of our wonderful craft roasted coffee and a slice of chocolate torta, you will be engaging in “l’arte di mangiare e vivere bene,” or “the art of living and eating well.” Buon Appetito!